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Download and watch the 1963 film Irma la Douche for free – Billy Wilder directed the picture, which was written by Alexandre Breffort, IAL Diamond, and Billy Wilder himself. Several fascinating facts and details regarding this film that I’ve gleaned from various sources include the following:

  1. Shirley McLaine, who was already well-known at the time of this film’s production, signed a contract without reading the script first because she believed in the Wilder-Lemmon pairing.
  2. Tura Satana and actor James Caan make their feature film debuts. If you pay great attention to this film, isn’t there an Army cadet passing past in front of the hotel with a young woman? That would be James Caan. I was spotted when I first saw this film but had no idea it was his feature film debut.
  3. Billy Wilder, who was interested in Marilyn Monroe appearing in the film Somelike It Hot, first intended Monroe to play the female lead Irma la Douche; however, the actress died before the contract could be signed;
  4. Almost all of the materials used in the set and construction are imported straight from France.
  5. In 1962, while shooting the film in Paris, Jack Lemmon married actress Felicia Farr.
  6. Throughout the scene, two little automobiles paced the street in front of bars and hotels, one of which was a 1953 Renault and the other a Peugeot type;
  7. The film features several four-wheeled vehicles, including a Renault Dauphine, a Citroen 2CV, one or two Peugoet sedans, and two further Dauphines that have been specifically painted to resemble police cars.
  8. The Seine River, where Jack Lemmon makes a dramatic appearance near the film’s conclusion, was truly so dirty during production that the actor had multiple injections, including a tetanus vaccine, before entering! Lemmon himself said that the sequence he was required to perform was the most repulsive of his career in film. I’m startled to see this trivia because Jack Lemmon appears to be quite amusing in this scenario. I don’t believe the behind-the-scenes is as amusing as it appears.
  9. Director Billy Wilder’s first choice for the role of Mustache was Charles Laughton. The actor, who was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Male Actor five years prior in Wilder’s Witness For The Prosecution (1957), has also accepted; tragically, he died before the filming of Irma la Douce could begin.

Despite the fact that I was sad while watching this picture and grew amused by it, I would like to state that Irma la Douce’s film is both amusing and excellent. The scenes that take place in only 4-5 different locations, together with the screenwriter’s imaginative simplicity and the improvisation of the 1960s-style filmmakers involved, deserve a thumbs up. The audience will be entertained and made to chuckle while they see this film. To be sure, after watching Jack Lemmon’s action in this film, I rank him as one of the best actors I’ve ever seen, except from his performance in Somelike It Hot (1959). One hell of a performer—a truly renowned and gifted performer. His natural and spontaneous facial expressions and body language in the scene while he was still a police officer before being fired for his honesty (hmm, sounds familiar in my country), as well as when he was exhausted from working until the early hours of the morning and when he attempted to break up the women’s bar fights. Outstanding acting performance. Additionally, Shirley McLaine’s youthful and passionate acting style is highly appealing.

The film follows Nestor Patou (Jack Lemmon), an upright police officer in Paris who is assigned to the red light district of Cassanova Street, a location teeming with colorful passersby, wicked pimps, comfort ladies, and crooked policeman. Patou, who is extremely honest and follows the rules and laws, is taken aback by the various social irregularities and acts of violence that have occurred in his new job, made even more so by the fact that his fellow police officers appear to have turned a blind eye to their surroundings and are not seen performing their duties. as if you were a police officer. He initially meets a performer named Irma la Douce (Shirley McLaine), who eventually becomes a suitable chat partner. He had not anticipated that his new buddy would be one of the area’s comfort women. Observing this chaotic situation, Patou promptly reported the hotel’s prostitution operation to headquarters, prompting a raid that resulted in the arrest of numerous comfort women and their patrons. Regrettably for Patou, one of the customers apprehended was Police Chief Lefevre (Herschel Bernardi). This Officer was enraged and dishonorably terminated Patou, leaving him with a blemished career record and little chance of obtaining work.

Nestor Patou pretended to be a customer, spending her time in the hotel room conversing and playing cards. They eventually fell in love with one another. The story becomes fascinating and continues when Nestor Patou takes the risk of presenting himself to Irma as two completely different people: an ex-cop in love and an old customer of Irma la Douce. Patou is able to find a safe area to alter his make-up from Nestor Patou to Lord X the Rich Noble of England (also performed by Jack Lemmon) in order to lure Irma la Douce and continue occupying his time with the help of Mustache (Lou Jacobi), the bar owner.

To afford the services of Irma la Douce, who had accompanied him all night to converse and play cards, Patou, who ended up living in the woman’s flat, was compelled to work many low-wage jobs concurrently in one day, even till sunrise. He subsequently drew the local community’s notice and returned to interacting with his pals while serving as a police officer.

That concludes my review and sharing; please see it for yourself. This is an excellent vintage film; the main characters appear to be cartoon characters. For me, life lessons can come from everywhere, including movies. And each of those high-quality films imparts knowledge.

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